Vision #1: Quality Housing for All

The Greater Baybrook Vision and Action Plan strives to create a quality housing market for all community residents. Before attracting new residents to the peninsula, we will work to stabilize housing opportunities for current residents by providing new programs for community acquisition and rehabilitation of previously problem properties, assisting long-term homeowners with home improvements, and ensuring an improved rental market that better supports our rental population and strengthens our blocks.

Vision #2: Community Control of Land
The Greater Baybrook Vision and Action Plan looks to create new opportunities for community based groups to acquire and develop stable housing in Brooklyn -Curtis Bay-Brooklyn Park. The Plan envisions a community where self-sufficiency means that residents are able to direct and benefit from the future development of the area. Direct control, through a Community Land Trust and other means, will initially allow renters to receive higher quality property management and provide a counterpoint for absentee landlords who are currently purchasing available homes in the area. Longer-term, increased community control of land will support further development of homeownership units and ensure the essential character of the Greater Baybrook neighborhoods. 

Vision #3: Stable Blocks
The Greater Baybrook Vision and Action Plan prioritizes the creation of stable blocks, where residents who represent the broad demographic diversity of the area feel connected to one another and are able to make necessary improvements to the physical, aesthetic, and sanitary appeal of their block. By building outward from stable blocks and providing funding to enhance neighboring blocks, the communities of Greater Baybrook will build the economic and civic strength of current residents while laying the groundwork to attract new residents to stable and visually appealing homes.

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Chairperson: Erin Shearman eshearman@acdsinc.org