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residential reinvestment

GBA strives to create a quality housing market for all community residents. We will work to stabilize housing opportunities for current residents by providing new programs for community acquisition and rehabilitation of previously problem properties, assisting long-term homeowners with home improvements, and ensuring an improved rental market that better supports our rental population.  GBA will launch a new down payment assistance program to attract new residents to the area, targeting specific blocks for stability and strength.

Home Renovation Loans

Up to 50k in renovation loans,

forgivable in just 10 years. 

Greater Baybrook Alliance has partnered with Arundel Community Development Services to support a housing repair program in Brooklyn, Brooklyn Park and Curtis Bay.  Available for owner occupied homes, this no interest, no payment loan program offers up to $50,000 for large repairs and home improvements like plumbing updates, electrical repairs, new roofs, heating and AC system installation, insulation, and as well as interior and exterior improvements including fencing!  

Contact ACDS today for more information:         (410) 222-7600       

Fixing the Roof
Moving House

Home Buying Assistance

Up to $15,000 for new home purchases.


By working with area experts at Neighborhood Housing Services, GBA has secured up to $15,000 for down payment assistance for qualified candidates in the Baybrook (Brooklyn, Curtis Bay and Brooklyn Park) area.  Contact GBA's Program Manager to start your application process, and read our program flyer linked below for more details.

Eligibility starts with income verification, housing counseling and 1-on-1 coaching from our area partners. Then it is as simple as getting pre-approved by one of our qualified lenders before making an offer on your new home! 


Take a look at our  list of local housing counselors, qualified lenders, and income limits to see if you qualify.


Sarah Hope, Program Manager

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