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Neighborhood Partnerships

Learn more about the work we are doing with our key resident groups and stakeholders to bring neighbors together and improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods!


Latinx & Immigrant Engagement

Baybrook has a strong and thriving immigrant and Latinx community that continues to grow.  To further support this growth, GBA is committed to fostering collaboration among community and institutional partners to provide support to immigrant and Latinx residents and families. We are focused on engaging the community to lead on issues that are important to them and will increase the quality of life for them and their neighbors.  


GBA has partnered with the Latino Economic Development Center and Casa de Maryland to supply outreach, financial counseling, and small business resources to our residents.   Please get in touch with our part-time Latinx Engagement Coordinator if you are interested in getting involved.


Baltimore Regional Neighborhood Initiative (BRNI)

Community Development Organizations with an approved strategic neighborhood revitalization plan may apply for BRNI funds on behalf of the neighborhoods they represent.  Greater Baybrook Alliance has been awarded 23 BRNI grants during the last four years, providing over $3.5 Million in capital funding for our Brooklyn, Curtis Bay, and Brooklyn Park neighborhoods. Our BRNI-funded programs include:

  1. Down payment assistance programs for home buyers

  2. Facade Improvement funds for commercial properties

  3. Neighborhood Beautification Spruce Up grants

  4. Commercial and Residential renovation funds

  5. Capital improvements for public spaces include Garrett Park, Baybrook Athletic complex,  and Chesapeake Arts Center.

The Baltimore Regional Neighborhood Initiative program aims to demonstrate how strategic investment in local housing and businesses can lead to healthy, sustainable communities with a growing tax base and enhanced quality of life. GBA will be developing proposals for our 2024 requests starting in the Spring. Have ideas for our next round of funding? Sign up below to receive meeting invitations, emails, and schedules.


Violence Reduction

The Baybrook Violence Reduction Plan (BVRP) was developed by GBA's Violence Reduction Leadership Team, a group of community residents and neighborhood service providers who have direct lived experience with violence. The Leadership Team has developed a three-pronged strategy to improve safety and tackle the violence that is happening in the community. The central component of the plan is to deliver life coaching and intensive case management to a group of our neighborhoods teens (ages 15 to 18) who are at the highest risk of becoming impacted or victimized by violence in the future. GBA is working with our neighborhood-based service providers to employ a full-time Life Coach with direct lived experience to work with these youth on a daily basis in order to change the trajectory of their lives. 


The BVRP is also focusing on expanding opportunities for youth and families throughout the neighborhood through youth leadership development, mentorship, and building collective impact among our neighborhood providers. Finally, the BVRP leverages GBA's existing resources by focusing on physical interventions and activity support in the parts of our neighborhoods that are most heavily impacted by violence.

To learn more or get involved, please contact our Violence Reduction Leadership Team at

Health Care for Homeless Mobile Van.jpg

Community Health

The Greater Baybrook Alliance is committed to building partnerships that will advance health equity in our neighborhoods and support our most marginalized community members, especially our neighbors struggling with substance use and who have been directly affected by the opioid epidemic.


From Fall 2020 through Spring 2021 GBA worked with a Community Health Fellow to gain a better understanding of the perspectives of people who exchange sex for drugs and/or money in the Baybrook area, as well as how to best support our partners providing services to this community. Our Community Health Fellow engaged 32 local service providers and conducted in-depth interviews with 16 people in the neighborhood with experience trading sex. Priority recommendations include support for local service provider training, working with peer-led organizations to provide leadership development and community engagement opportunities for women who trade sex, and making investments in critical services such as long-term transitional housing assistance and transportation.


South Baltimore 7

Brooklyn and Curtis Bay are among the six south Baltimore communities positioned to benefit from the development of Port Covington. Partnered with Weller Development, the Coalition will facilitate the delivery of community benefits associated with the redevelopment project. The SB7 Coalition has been designed to be a community-driven organization, positioning leaders from the six South Baltimore communities and Weller Development as partners in the important work of ensuring communities in South Baltimore share in the economic, educational, cultural, environmental and social benefits associated with the redevelopment of Port Covington.


General Meetings are held monthly and committees are currently being developed.  If you live in Brooklyn, Curtis Bay, Lakeland, Mount Winans, or Westport, we would encourage you to participate in the equitable disbursement of funds through a committee.


Community of Hope

Greater Baybrook Alliance participates in a newly-created coalition of Brooklyn Park residents, government and nonprofit agencies, business leaders, philanthropists and faith-based organizations working to address an array of community challenges, such as food access, addiction, and homelessness. 


The Community of Hope partners with our neighbors using a holistic approach that supports families and gives residents hope for a better future. We support residents by linking them with needed resources including:

  1. job training and placement assistance

  2. mental health and substance abuse treatment 

  3. education 

  4. recreational and cultural opportunities for youth 

  5. counseling  

  6. after school care 

  7. economic assistance 

  8. other social services 


Our long-term vision is that Brooklyn Park achieves its full potential as a supportive community that nurtures the safety, success, and hope of every child, adult, and family.

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