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Business resources

GBA provides a variety of resources to business owners. From offering grants for storefront improvements to providing technical assistance in a variety of forms, the Greater Baybrook Alliance is dedicated to supporting the entrepreneurs and business owners in Brooklyn, Curtis Bay, and Brooklyn Park. Read about our resources and opportunities below, and reach out to Elias, our business programs manager, if you would like more details on any of them or have ideas about other ways we could help!

Baybrook Retail Improvement Grant

The Baybrook Retail Improvement Grant (BRIG) offers business owners up to $15,000 to significantly improve commercial building fronts in the Greater Baybrook Commercial Target Areas (Baltimore City only, for now!).

​Set up your required info session today by emailing the program manager at:

Download the BGIF info packet, design recommendations, and application by clicking the link below:

Technical Assistance

GBA offers technical assistance in a variety of ways. Our in-house experts can help with many common business challenges, such as setting up accounting systems, writing employee handbooks, registering your business with the state, establishing standard operating procedures, and many other essential activities. We also offer more nuanced guidance and support by advising on things like community relations or zoning. If you have a problem, bring it to us first!

Additionally, we offer grants to pay for up to $2,000 worth of services from outside consultants and service providers, such as graphic designers, accountants, and marketing professionals.

Baybrook Merchant Renovation Funds

Baybrook Merchant Renovation Fund is a commercial corridor revitalization program that incentivizes the activation of vacant storefronts. The program provides up to $80,000 in grants to new businesses for tenant fit-out, code compliance, and interior upgrades. The application process is highly competitive, and projects will need to illustrate readiness to move forward quickly.


GBA also provides technical assistance and funding for architectural consultation. The grant criteria and application are provided below via the link.

Community Marketing

GBA offers marketing opportunities through our Instagram and Facebook, as well as on our "Baybrook Business Showcase" banner on our homepage and our "Featured Businesses" page on our website. Would you like to advertise your business on our site? Reach out!

Join our business directory!

GBA is compiling a comprehensive database of all of the businesses in Baybrook and collecting information on each company to inform what programs we develop and the opportunities we pursue. Please add your business to our list by clicking the link below!

Possible Funding Options

For your convenience, we have established an ever-growing list of possible funding options for your business. These include local financial institutions, government and quasi-government agencies, online options, and others. Typical banks and standard business loan opportunities have been excluded, though they are definitely an option since they typically focus on funding larger or lower-risk projects and clients. 

MD Small Business Development Center

The MD SBDC offers a wide array of services, including no-cost consulting and a large number of courses on different business subjects. Additionally, they can help[p you apply for funding through the SBA. Check out the MD SBDC website for more info.

Latino Economic Development Center

The Latino Economic Development Center (LEDC) equips Latinos and other underserved communities with the skills and financial tools to create a better future for their families and communities. Business owners can access technical assistance, business consulting, grants, and loans through the LEDC. The majority of LEDC staff is bilingual, making this a great resource for Latino entrepreneurs.

Maryland Entrepreneur Hub

The Maryland Entrepreneur Hub is an incredible tool for finding resources, organizations, or businesses that can help you tackle any entrepreneurial challenge. Check it out and explore accelerators, incubators, consultants, funders, continuing educational programs, state and federal business programs, and so many other resources!

Anne Arundel Economic Development Corp.

GBA partners with the Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation, which offers many valuable resources to Business Owners in the county, as well as a 0% financing opportunity through the Arundel Community Reinvestment (ACR) Fund. 

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The Small Business Resource Center

The Small Business Resource Center (SBRC), a subsidiary of BDC, is a nonprofit organization that provides technical assistance, training, counseling, workshops, and a resource library to support the growth and development of small businesses and entrepreneurs. Click the link below to check out their incredible resource library. 

Other Free Consulting Services

Many large companies are looking for ways to give back to the economic communities they do business in, and small business owners can benefit from these free services! Check out the menu of free consulting and educational opportunities available below. Both offer services in Spanish as well!

Ideas? Questions?

Reach out to Elias, our business programs manager! 

GBA is a nimble and dedicated organization, and simply because you don't see an existing service or opportunity that would help you on our website, that does not mean we can't make it happen if we know there is a need. Please, reach out and tell us about your business, your struggles, and your strengths!

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