Our Work

Over the past three years, the Greater Baybrook Alliance (GBA) has emerged as an anchor for
revitalization programs, bringing over $3.6 million dollars into the region for capital and
development projects and programs. In addition, GBA is working to increase residents’ capacity
to address neighborhood issues, with an approach of building partnerships, leveraging existing
resources and services, and bringing people together. At the same time, GBA has been building
out their organizational structure as it drives the Vision and Action Plan forward.
We work to develop projects and programs that address the 5 neighborhood priorities including
Quality of Life, Housing, Transportation, Youth and Education and Economic Development.

Select an issue area to learn more about our revitalization projects within Greater Baybrook.


Quality of Life



Youth and Education

Economic Development


  • Meredith Chaiken
    published this page 2020-03-09 17:29:24 -0400