Vision #1: The Local Route
The Greater Baybrook Vision and Action Plan recognizes the importance of a transportation solution that allows residents to travel easily throughout the peninsula. In the thriving past of Greater Baybrook, local public transit routes took residents from their homes to local shopping, dining, employment, and recreational activities. Today, without a personal automobile, it is difficult to traverse the peninsula, traveling from Curtis Bay to shopping opportunities along Ritchie Highway or from neighborhood homes in Brooklyn Park to job opportunities along Fairfield. An affordable and reliable local transit option will help make Greater Baybrook more attractive to potential residents, while also increasing the quality of life through improved access to food options, recreational opportunities, and critical local amenities.

Vision #2: Freight Friendly, Walkable Communities
The Greater Baybrook Vision and Action Plan looks to connect critical stakeholders across the peninsula. We acknowledge that a thriving region requires a balance between retail or residential revitalization and the growth of our anchor industrial and shipping businesses. We envision a community where our road network is easily navigable by freight trucks while also supporting walkable retail corridors. 

Vision #3: Tapping Into a Regional Network
The Greater Baybrook Vision and Action Plan looks to better connect residents to the transportation network throughout the Baltimore metropolitan region. By improving access to regional public transportation and highways, residents will have better access to workforce opportunities, regional amenities, and make Greater Baybrook a more attractive place for future homeowners.

Chairperson: Janet Eveland 

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