Quality of Life

Vision #1: A Village Green 

The Greater Baybrook Vision and Action Plan acknowledges the bountiful natural resources present in Greater Baybrook. Existing green spaces will provide gathering spaces for local residents, attract new visitors to the peninsula, and act as anchors for the emerging environmental sustainability movement in the area. Emphasizing programming and usage of Farring-Baybrook Park will create a centering location for peninsula activities and community building. 

Vision #2: A Sustainable Future

The Greater Baybrook Vision and Action Plan celebrates the work of local activists to promote positive alternatives that combat local air pollution and negative environmental outcomes. In a community with rich parkland and natural resources, creating a sustainable future through alternative energy options and increased environmental awareness will make Greater Baybrook a regional hub for sustainable activities, creating a healthier life for current residents and attracting potential homeowners to our neighborhoods. Building on existing community farming and gardening activities will also lead to a more self -sufficient peninsula.

Chairperson: Michael Dorsey mdorse11@gmail.com 

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