Our Vision

We are the Greater Baybrook Community: a collection of places profoundly connected to the water that surrounds us. Greater Baybrook is made up of historic neighborhoods including Brooklyn, Curtis Bay, and Brooklyn Park. We are also the home of the most hardworking land in the state where industrial and seafaring history live on to this day.

Our past is as complex as our community is diverse. We were settled first as rural farms outside of the ever growing City of Baltimore. Parts of this place became annexed to Baltimore itself while others remained in Anne Arundel County. Our growth is one that has seen living communities disappear like Fairfield, Wagner ’s Point, and Mason’s Cove though their history remains alive in tales of the past.

It is here that we built Liberty Ships that helped win World War II. It is here that we connect America to the world through global trade. It is here that industry still thrives as we rethink how our past can be a part of a future where self sufficiency connects enterprise to community.

Today, our parks offer sweeping views of the bay and of the city. Our schools remain the center of a place where families live and work. Engaged youth lead efforts to explore ways to rethink industrial land in our community. Neighborhood groups band together to improve where we live. Together we make this a better place.

We are the Greater Baybrook Community: Maryland’s Working Waterfront

Check out our working Vision and Action Plan that grew out of the participation of hundreds of residents and committed community partners. Sign up now to get involved and help make this vision a reality!


Our Values & Principles


Community driven development is hard work with a lot of ups and downs and challenging decisions. We are rooted in core values and principles to guide and anchor us at all times. Our challenge is to work according to these values to bring them to life in our community. We all have a role to play in keeping us anchored in and accountable to these values and principles - nothing is more important: