Community Engagement

Vision #1: Building a Peninsula Anchor
The Greater Baybrook Vision and Action Plan envisions the creation of the Greater Baybrook Alliance. The Alliance would be a nonprofit community development organization that could help local community associations and stakeholders organize residents across the peninsula. An organized community will expand the sense of self -sufficiency and resilience laid out in this Vision and Action Plan by allowing residents to build wealth together and share in the common experiences of Greater Baybrook. 

Vision #2: Crossing Lines of Difference
The Greater Baybrook Vision and Action Plan recognizes the need to build stronger relationships across the multiple lines of difference across the peninsula. With so many potential fracture points in the community, intentional activities that cross jurisdictional and socioeconomic lines, will strengthen the Greater Baybrook identity and increase the impact of advocacy efforts for the peninsula within the Baltimore City and Anne Arundel region.

Vision #3: Promoting Local Leaders
The Greater Baybrook Vision and Action Plan strives to unearth a new generation of community leaders. Building off the experience of past leadership and the work of local non -profit organizations, block-level engagement can find leaders that will successfully advocate for the visions and priorities of this Plan.

Chairperson: Greg Sawtell

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