Baybrook Beautification Program

The Greater Baybrook Alliance (GBA) is excited to announce the Baybrook Beautification Program, an initiative that makes funding available to communities to improve their blocks, streets and neighborhoods.  With support from the State of Maryland’s Baltimore Regional Neighborhood Improvement Program, $50,000 is being made available for this initiative.  Communities can apply for grants ranging in amounts from $1,000 up to $20,000.  The GBA Steering Committee will give careful consideration to ensuring geographic balance in awarding these funds.

All GBA Beautification funds must be expended on CAPITAL projects - that is physical improvements to the community. Examples of Beautification projects/initiatives may include, but not be limited to, the following: 

  • Installation of uniform address plates and streetlamps
  • Painting facades of homes, Installation of landscaping and/or trees
  • Clean up of previously dilapidated open space, playground build, community garden
  • Pre-Development, including architectural designs and specifications


Greater Baybrook Alliance is a community development organization whose mission is to engage and empower stakeholders across Baltimore City and Anne Arundel County to revitalize the Baybrook Peninsula – including the communities of Brooklyn, Curtis Bay and Brooklyn Park - through investment, collaboration, and advocacy. 

General Program & Application Guidelines 

  1. Block Beautification proposals will be solicited from community associations, active residents and nonprofit organizations working on residential blocks, streets, and communities within GBA’s targeted communities.  
  2. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until all funds have been awarded.  Applications, with supporting documents, should be emailed to:  
  3. Initial priority will be given to projects which can expend the funds prior to March 31, 2018.
  4. When marketing the program and considering Block Beautification proposals, the Housing Committee will ensure there is geographic balance represented in the application pool and the final award recommendations, to the extent possible.  
  5. All expenses must be backed up with invoices/receipts.
  6. As a condition of approval, awardees may be required to provide photos/videos of the program/project including before, during and after completion and adhere to GBA reporting requirements and/or utilize GBA signage during events/projects supported by the award.
  7. If awarded, you may be required to submit Articles of Incorporation/By-laws, evidence you are in good standing with the State of Maryland or other documentation. 


1. You can apply online below by responding to the application questions. After submitting your response, click "next" to access the next application question (all answers must be completed). After you complete all questions - email required attachments to along with your name. Please indicate that you completed the application online. 

2. You can download the complete application as a pdf file here: Baybrook Beautification Program Application . Complete the entire application then email it to along with required attachments. 

3. You can also obtain email an electronic copy of this application by emailing


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